In-Vent Salon

In-Vent Salon is more of a concept than a business location. We have created an atmosphere for relationship building and a sense of belonging. On any given day, you can walk into our salon and see genuine conversation. We cultivate this by encouraging clients to come in and make themselves at home. As a result, the good, the bad, and the ugly can be discussed without judgment. We love to “invent,” or create unique hair, but we also allow you to “vent” while in our salon. We believe great hair is a byproduct of the environment it’s created in.


our team


Bobbie Palmer


"I’ve always known I would end up in a salon. There has always been a special interest in design for me.  The way a haircut can make a face completely transform, or how the color of someone’s hair can complete a look.  As a young child, Barbies were never thought of as toys, they were always my hair models. I could play for hours with just their hair, and when that would get old, I’d turn to my sister as the next client.  

I’ve always strived to be better, never settling for where I am now.  I gained this mindset from the start of my career, while attending Douglas J Aveda institute in East Lansing, Michigan. If I wanted to be considered one of the best, I’d need a solid foundation. 

A few times in my career I had to decide who I was, and what I wanted to be. I’ve never wanted to be just a hairstylist. I needed to make a difference. I had two goals early on: Be the most requested stylist in the salon, and no matter how busy I became, to never let quantity outweigh quality.   

I believe these have been achieved because of my dedication to my clients, and my desire to give them realistic results.  The reward of them receiving a hairstyle that is comfortable and functions on a daily basis is important to me. I appreciate all of my clients that have pushed me to become the stylist that I am, and I’m excited for all the new things future clients will bring me."


Connie Johnson


"As a teenager, hair, makeup and nails became a huge hobby for me. My sister and I would spend hours in the bathroom giving each other makeovers just for fun. So, when my life came to a crossroads and I had to choose my career path, cosmetology school was an obvious choice. I jumped in head first and graduated from Douglas J Aveda Institute in 2004. I had no idea this would become my absolute passion and that I would end up co-owning a salon with my sister years later.

The best part about my job is seeing my clients' reactions when I hand them the mirror. Using my creativity to complete my clients' looks is important, but the most rewarding and fulfilling part is how they feel when they leave my chair. Let's face it, without them, I wouldn't be so successful.

As much as I love making my clients feel great, selfishly, I do this job because I love it."


Aaryn King


"I have been in the salon industry for over 8 years and enjoy every facet of working in it. Whether it's styling, assisting, or performing administrative work, this is the industry for me. I started my career early on; first, experimenting on friends and family, and then working as a receptionist and shampoo assistant while in high school. I attended the cosmetology school offered in my high school during my junior and senior year, followed by earning my cosmetology license in 2009. I attended college in Utah, majoring in music, which is my second creative passion. Even though I worked several types of jobs while in college, I am always happiest when I am working in a salon. I love what I do and my favorite part is meeting new people and using my knowledge and creativity to help them leave the salon feeling truly confident and beautiful."